Podcast: Hate in America

Chapter 1 – The evolution of hate

Produced by Storme Jones

Hate groups in America are nothing new. Times have changed since the invention of the internet, the first black president of the United States and a fractured media landscape.

Chapter 2 – Spreading the message

Produced by Scott Bourque

Anybody can find someone who shares their views and values with the click of a mouse. This is now one of many ways hate matures and spreads.

Chapter 3 – The victims

Produced by Brandon Bounds

Tiki torches marching down the streets of Charlottesville and white robes with hoods are what most people associate with hate. But what about the people who are actually targeted by hate groups?

Chapter 4 – Against the law?

Produced by Storme Jones

According to the FBI, hate crimes occurred in every state in 2016. From murder to harassment to vandalism - it is happening across the country. But not every state has a hate crime law.

Chapter 5 – Reformed lives

Produced by Tilly Marlatt

Throughout our project, we have explored the impact on victims and what communities are doing to combat hate. Now, we meet those who embarked on a path of redemption.

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