A nation divided

News21 investigates a growing climate of hate in the United States through analysis of national crime victimization data and on-the-ground reporting by 38 reporters in 36 states.


Watch the documentary, which explores the legacy of hate in America and what it means to the country today.

Hate gone viral

Hatred and bigotry live online in a largely uncensored collection of public opinion and calls to action, including acts of violence.

A new generation

Brewing within some young men is an intolerance and hatred that is bringing violence to the streets and white nationalist politics to the forefront.

Pride in prejudice

Nearly 1,000 hate groups are active in the United States, and their numbers are growing.

A violent legacy

From the historically unwelcoming American South to cities across the country, black Americans disproportionately face acts of intimidation, extremist rhetoric and violence.

On campus

As colleges respond to a steep rise in reports of hate crimes on campus, conservatives and followers of the alt-right movement claim colleges are sanitizing campuses of dissent, in violation of the First Amendment’s right to free speech.

Silenced by fear

Latinos and immigrants increasingly are fearful of reporting racially biased crimes and incidents to law enforcement, as the targeting of their communities is on the rise.


The state of hate:

Visit the road trip interactive that takes you on a 7,000-mile road trip across 23 states where reporters explored off-beaten paths and talked to more than 150 people about the state of hate in America.

When faith meets hate

The rise in religious hate crimes is prompting different religious groups to take measures to protect and help other people attacked for their faith.

Missing and murdered

Native American women are being murdered and sexually assaulted on reservations and nearby towns at higher rates than other American women.

A matter of trust

Violent crimes and other hate incidents targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans consistently are unreported and often not prosecuted.



Hear about the life cycle of hate, from indoctrination to reform.

Crime and punishment

Hate crime law enforcement depends largely on the officer who responds to the call.

Legislating tolerance

Even among the 45 states with hate crime laws, provisions vary widely.

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